First Aid

First Aid is one of the most humane skills and abilities as the primarily intention is aiding and helping others. A knowledge of First Aid is important and compulsory for diving instructors and those taking basic and specialised diving courses.

First Aid basics, such as signs and symptoms denoting injuries and illness are vital, especially knowledge of decompression sickness and other related injuries, for example, extended exposure to cold and heat.

First Aid for serious diving injuries (decompression sickness and lung traumas) is identical: 

1. the casualty should be given pure oxygen over an extended period of time (until hospitalisation or the arrival of paramedics)

2. re-hydratisation with water or isotonic drinks

3. swift transport to the nearest hospital or decompression chamber.

The advantages of breathing pure oxygen are taught at special courses and a full upright tank should be kept on board at all times during organised dives. Diving instructors or organisers are obliged to do so according to law. A list of contact numbers and procedures that should be followed in case of accident should be displayed in a visible place. The contact number in the Republic of Croatia is 112 (The State Rescue Service) or 9155, the MRCC in Rijeka in case of accidents and incidents at sea.

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